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Community Updates COVID-19

A letter from Jami Gross, Executive Director 


Dear Families and Friends,

In light of recent global events and the spread of the Coronavirus, we want to make sure we are communicating openly with you about the steps that we are taking to ensure the safety of our residents, staff, and visitors.

To be clear, we do not have any residents or staff, in our assisted living, or on our campus, that have the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, or Coronavirus.


However, we want to take every precaution, in advance of any potential local escalation of the virus, to limit the potential exposure and illness that could potentially spread to our campus and affect our residents.

We have taken the following precautions:


Blue box with check mark Until further notice, we are not allowing any outside visitation in our Assisted Living. 

Why? The safety of our residents is our top priority. We want to limit as much potential exposure as possible. We will make every effort to keep you updated on your loved one’s condition and daily activities. We will be canceling all appointments that are medically unnecessary.


Blue box with check mark We are screening all staff daily.

Why? As a healthcare facility, we are responsible for the health and welfare of all residents and staff. We are asking information from all staff about their potential exposure to the Coronavirus. We have also implemented additional screenings such as, recording daily temperatures for staff and tracking any other entities, where they may be employed.


Blue box with check mark In our Independent Living, we ask that you restrict all visitors to only those necessary. Anyone who has traveled outside the country within the past 14 days, should not visit. We are also recommending that anyone had traveled via plane over the past 14 days, regardless where you have traveled, refrain from visiting.

Why? Our residents are part of the most vulnerable population. The COVID-19 virus many take up to 14-days before any symptoms are expressed. It is believed that the virus is most spread in close quarters. This is why the CDC is urging safe distancing. We want to limit the exposure our residents may have with people who may have been exposed. Again, we request that you cancel all outings that are medically unnecessary.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.

We will continue to share updates and precautions, as they arise. Thank you for your patience, your trust, and your cooperation through this process with us!


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Jami Gross, Executive Director, 

Cottonwood & Phoenix


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